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"Seeking answers in the dark since 2002"

Is there a world beyond that of what we can see, that of which science can currently explain? This question has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Although many believe there is life after death there are also many who do not share the same theory. There are countless theories pertaining to what happens when a person passes, but truly no one has presentable solid evidence at this point to confirm said theories. We base our beliefs on personal experience, information collected during investigations, and by knowledge and experience shared by others.

Often individuals in the field are referred to as experts, but can there truly be an expert in a field we cannot prove truly exists. I prefer to refer to those like myself who have been exploring the paranormal field for countless years as seasoned, not as expert. Keeping an open mind to all theories keeps us moving towards finding more knowledge in the field as well as listening to the ideas others have to present to us with an open mind.

Theory is a word that an individual should refer to when dealing with paranormal research. Although during investigations we capture data often referred to as evidence, until technology advances to the point where we can truly determine what the cause behind paranormal phenomenon is all information must be viewed as presented theories not just to the public, but also within the field of research itself.

“What we do as a team”

The majority of our time is spent working investigations, via exterior locations, businesses, or in some cases a home or residence. We are selective in the locations we choose to investigate taking various information into consideration. An initial interview with the client is always conducted before moving towards and investigation.

If after meeting with a potential client we feel another group may specialize more in dealing with the specific situation, generally we will assist in putting the individual in contact with thus group or groups and assuring the clients concerns are met. We feel that the most important aspect of working in the field is the client's' concerns are addressed in the most comfortable/confidential fashion possible. Identifying information is kept confidential unless otherwise stated by a client.  The primary purpose of an initial investigation is to look for possible environmental factors that could be contributing to the disturbance.  A few items we look for are Carbon monoxide levels, high fields of EMF energy, and molds and toxic fungus.   There are many environmental factors that can in fact effect the human body and mind.  In some cases just walking into a home you just know there is a presence by the feel surrounding it.